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Al-Qaeda Is In Mexico

Security forces on alert, looking for a member of Osama bin Laden’s terrorist

Mexico – AP

The security forces and intelligence agencies in Mexico received an
alert about the possible presence of a presumed member of the Al-Qaeda
network in their territory, said the head of the Organized Crime division
of the Attorney General’s Office, Jose Luis писающие девочки подсмотренное видео онлайн Santiago Vasconcelos.

“The alert has been issued” although at the moment, “there is nothing
fundamentally objective about this information” said the official
[Vasconcelos] during a meeting with the foreign press.

“We are all at a state of alert, not just the Attorney General’s Office
but also онлайн the [ministry of] Migration, national security forces, federal
police and the Mexican Army. However, it is difficult to find someone
who seems to be a ghost my mask that was seen somewhere писающие девочки подсмотренное видео онлайн else and could
supposedly come here” he added.

He said that he had a photograph of the alleged Al-Qaeda member,
identified as being Adnam Gushari El Shukrijumah, born in Saudi Arabia
on August 4, 1975. He [Shukrijumah] also maintains Guyanan and Canadian
citizenship, is 1.65 meters tall писающие девочки подсмотренное видео онлайн and weighs 66 kilograms, according to
the Attorney General’s file.

The presumed presence of this man [in Mexico] is based on reports from Honduras.

“Initially, Honduras said they had identified him [as being in Honduras] and warned
that he
could enter Mexico with the intention of crossing into писающие девочки подсмотренное видео онлайн the United
States, but there is nothing objective to back up these statements”, he

The Honduran Security Minister, Oscar Alvarez, said in June that Adnam
Gushair El Sukrijuman had been in Honduras after illegally entering
from Panama and then Nicaragua. The Honduran Minister added that this
month [July] he had received reports that Al-Qaeda was training
terrorists in the Caribbean, although he did not give more details.

“Whatever effort that писающие девочки подсмотренное видео онлайн is made to find a terrorist on Mexican territory
is neither wasteful nor unfruitful.  On the contrary, it is important
first for our national security, and we will immediately begin the
search for these subjects, and secondly писающие девочки подсмотренное видео онлайн for the principal of solidarity
with the North писающие девочки подсмотренное видео онлайн American people” said Santiago Vasconcelos.

El Shukrijumah, a Saudi national, is being sought by the [American] FBI
for his alleged activities with the Al-Qaeda network. He is considered
very dangerous and there is a 5 million dollar reward for his arrest.

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